Do You Miss Me?

So, do you miss me? Those of you who follow my periodic writing posts may have said to yourself, “Where has Dawn been lately?” Well, I’m happy to announce I’m under construction. Umm…not “me” actually, but my website. MY WEBSITE’S UNDER CONSTRUCTION. That’s not entirely true either. More accurately, I’m “moving” to a NEW website in the very near future. The new site will have some familiar elements, however some things will also be new (and hopefully a bit improved) . . . all combined with a new name and a different, fresh look. It’s all quite exciting, so STAY TUNED for updates. I’d love to have you join me!


Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

What does the name ‘Emma’ mean?

She looked it up once but couldn’t remember. Hannah more likely blocked it out. After all, she never even liked the name, and didn’t choose it. That name came to her with unrelenting persistence.

Images of her, Emma, continued to float in a pool of Hannah’s thoughts.

Does she look the way I imagine, with blonde curls and eyes that sparkle blue? How would she react if we met? What would I say?

She was still at a loss, even after the passage of several years. Continue reading

Happy YOU Year!


“Today you are YOU,

that is TRUER than true.

There is NO ONE alive

who is YOUER than YOU!”   — Dr. Seuss


What have you done for yourself lately?

Yes, you heard me correctly. When was the last time you celebrated . . . you? Continue reading

Ruffled Feathers

Some things are not always as they seem. From time to time that reality hits me like a ton of bricks, or perhaps a ton of feathers.

I’ve opted out of any Black Friday shopping for a few years now however, a seemingly-too-good-of-a-deal-to-pass-up caught my eye in the newspaper flyers on Thanksgiving Day. I squinted, holding the paper closer to make sure I was correctly seeing the significantly low-price tag on a specific item. Which, I was. Continue reading

Story Time

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  – English Proverb

I couldn’t help but smile as I inhaled the slightly musty odor greeting me as I walked down the wooden steps. While on a trip in Michigan, Hubby and I happened upon a surprising discovery of an antique shop in the basement of the gift shop we’d been wading through. For me, there’s nothing more delightful than to wander through stewed aromas representing rooms full of used merchandise. I’m not referring to any disgusting smells here, but rather, more like the scents of Grandma’s attic . . . years of different, interesting items put together all in one place. Continue reading

Lessons Learned From A Silly ‘Ol Bear

Let’s talk about Pooh. I’m referring to Winnie the Pooh, of course!

I have long since held a treasured affinity for this certain, endearing bundle of matted, brown fur.  My fondness I shall never outgrow, though Christopher Robin did . . . almost.

I recently took my granddaughter to see the movie “Christopher Robin” and must confess, that silly ol’ bear tugged at my heartstrings. I. Was. Smitten. Although my granddaughter enjoyed the film, I realized early into the viewing this was a movie perhaps more intended for adults. Naturally, Pooh and his friends were adorable; however, there lay some precious nuggets of wisdom behind those bright, button eyes belonging to the bear with the plump tummy. Continue reading

Casting Off Clutter

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” –1st Corinthians 14:33

It was a long time coming. I only wished there was such a thing as a gigantic spray bottle of ‘Clutter Be Gone”.

The idea was birthed a few years ago to put new flooring throughout our home. Simple. As hubby and I finally grew closer to putting feet to our plan however, our mindsets made a drastic shift. We would still renovate, but as we mapped out the remodel process and studied our surroundings, we came to a stark realization.

Twenty-five years had been dedicated to acquiring, collecting, and accumulating . . . stuff. Continue reading

Cracking the Judgment Code

Click-click-click-knock. Click-click-click-knock. Click-click-click-knock.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Grrakka kkakkakka kkakka akk!

Once again, I fought to remain immobile as electric currents ran through coiled wire, creating loud, resonate sounds. I’m no stranger to being encapsulated in a giant, tube-shaped, fiberglass magnet. Still, hammer blows pound against my chest each time. Continue reading