Cracking the Judgment Code

Click-click-click-knock. Click-click-click-knock. Click-click-click-knock.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Grrakka kkakkakka kkakka akk!

Once again, I fought to remain immobile as electric currents ran through coiled wire, creating loud, resonate sounds. I’m no stranger to being encapsulated in a giant, tube-shaped, fiberglass magnet. Still, hammer blows pound against my chest each time. Continue reading



Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar once said, “F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘forget everything and run’, or, ‘face everything and rise’.” Can anyone take a wild guess at which choice I’m most inclined to choose?

(Crickets chirping).

You know the feeling. When you really want to do something, but then again—you kinda sorta don’t.

It’s like being challenged to jump off a cliff into a sparkling sea of refreshing water. Standing at the edge overlooking unknown elements, you partly hope a stiff wind would just catapult you forward, while another part of you would give your left eye to have a railing to cling to.

Change. Is. Hard. And might I add, scary.

In life, change is inevitable. Relationships change. Jobs change. Circumstances . . . change.

Sometimes we find ourselves planted at the edge of that cliff. We stretch out our arms to the side with one foot dangling forward, knowing full well any challenges and potential rewards will come, only by temporary, certain imbalance. Not to mention a bucket load of unknowns.

Have you been there? Yeah, me too.

An occasional breeze tickles our feet, beckoning us forward and yet . . . we remain frozen. Sigh. Why is that?

Speaking for myself, I often allow fear to get the best of me. I’m growing to discover however, that fear is not simply a desire to avoid something new or unknown. Perhaps fear is a means to protect myself from the possible pain of failure. Hmmm. I’m learning it’s not always who I am that holds me back, but rather, who I think I’m not.

Can you relate?

Our mindset, my friend, can profoundly impact how you and I weather obstacles, and will determine whether we merely “go” through change, or grow through change.

“What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Change is often necessary. Events, circumstances, or people force unavoidable alterations in our course of direction. Despite how scary it may be; however, a bit of magic often lies amid new beginnings. In the end, it is the chances we don’t take that we’ll find ourselves regretting the most.

So, what say you put your hand in mind and take a deep breath with me.

Sometimes . . . you just gotta jump!


“This can’t possibly be the right address.” I muttered under my breath, checking my mobile map.

I stopped in front of the immense, iron gate which barricaded any road travelers from the elegant Pacific Heights mansion perched atop a manicured lawn. I was rarely summoned to neighborhoods of this stature. Plus, amid the illumination of the holiday lights still adorning the stately property I couldn’t miss the black, Lincoln town car parked near the entrance of the circular driveway. Who needed a taxi when there was clearly a sufficient limo at hand?

Surely, the dispatcher entered something wrong. Continue reading

Take Your Star

“Hey, watch it, kid!”

The object had grazed my shoulder as it whisked through the air, inches from my ear.

“You almost hit me in the head with that thing!” I scowled at the little boy.

“I’m really sorry, Ma’am.” He picked up the small, Balsa wood glider and plunked down on the bench beside me.

“I wasn’t aiming at you or anything—my airplane just took off; sorry. My name’s Jacob, what’s yours?”

“Kate.” I tightened my long coat around me and adjusted my scarf. Continue reading

Child Wisdom

“Timmy, no! Put your hand down.”

I caught him out of the corner of my eye. He was waving to the man, of all things.

“Why, Mommy?”

“Because I don’t want him to come over here.”

I inched my car forward, continuing to wait for the light to change, as Timmy continued to stare out the window from the front seat. Continue reading

As The Leaves Turn


“If you have the time, Mackinac Island is a must-see.”

He stood at the edge of the bench on the boardwalk, his hands in the pockets of his white, Bermuda shorts. Turning around from her spot, she paused, not quite sure how to react to the man standing behind her.

“Excuse me?”

“I just thought I’d give you some sightseeing advice.”

She chuckled, realizing he’d caught sight of her brochure. Continue reading

Autumn Splendor

“Today we are gathered together to honor the joyous life of Victor Sutton.”

Sitting politely on the front row with my parents, I intently listened to Pastor Browning recount numerous facets of my grandfather’s full life. PawPaw was strong, active, and joyful to a fault, regardless of his circumstances. Admired by many for his bold confidence, he was never reluctant to go after what he wanted. Anyone who knew him was also familiar with PawPaw’s repetitive mantra, “Never wait or hesitate, or sadly, it might be too late!”

I wish I were more like him. Continue reading