Twisted Fate


Hey Everybody!

I’m hoping your holiday season is finding you happy, healthy and full of the peace and joy of Christmas.

I just wanted to take a moment to share a little something with you. As a writer, the best way to hone the craft of writing and grow as a writer is…well…by writing! I belong to an awesome online writing community (“Becoming Writer” through The Write Practice), where I’m able practice writing by submitting ongoing short stories for critique by my peers. It is a safe, kind community offering me continual encouragement and valuable instruction on all things writing.

As part of our ongoing practice, they periodically host various writing contests. During this busy month, as I was elbow-deep in Christmas cookies, wrapping paper and ornaments, I thought to myself, surely they wouldn’t host a contest during the Christmas season. Well, guess what? They did! Alas, the Winter Writing Contest emerged from the online literary magazine “Short Fiction Break”, partnering with The Write Practice.

I was tempted to dismiss the challenge on account of this busy month of December, however quickly realized part of the challenge was to press on with my writing habit efforts in the midst of the busyness. So, I wrote a short story based on the contest theme, Two Worlds (Two separate worlds coming together somehow). I’d love to share it with you here!

Twisted Fate

If you like the story, you can actually go online to “2016 Winter Writing Contest Readers Choice Awards” and follow instructions to vote for my story for the Readers Choice Awards! (That’s only if you enjoy the story, of course!) Thanks for letting me share with you.



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