A Bit About Me…

Greetings! I’m Dawn . . . a writer, singer, advocate for vulnerable adults, and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. I enjoy writing short stories, devotions, and random thoughts swirling in my mind.

Surrounded by a cast of female quilters in my family I love fabric, even though I’m barely able to thread a needle! I’ve learned life, like fabric, is full of texture, richness, and layers of color. Whether smooth, vibrant, tattered or worn, it can be beautiful. I see traces of God stitching away in my life, assuring me He meets me right where I am, daily.

My home in sunny Florida is where I enjoy bear hugs from my crazy husband, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, and the companionship of a feisty dachshund.

My passion is to share stories and thoughts that help us all discover threads of God’s love and grace in all of our moments, the fabric, of every day.