Lessons Learned From A Hurricane

As I rest my aching body at my desk, watching an agitated squirrel flick his bushy tail against the oak tree outside my window, I reflect on how different my life was a mere 72 hours ago—actually, the past week. And, I’ve learned a few important lessons.

Hurricane Irma was coming. She was roaring forth with a vengeance, announcing herself as a category five storm, with her sights specifically set on making a direct, targeted hit on my city. Continue reading

Silence Speaks


I lay awake in the dark, acutely aware of the reverberating chirp of crickets in the woods outside my window. The repetitive, croaking rhythm of frogs seems an obnoxious volume. A cat’s meow escapes from up in the trees. Leaves rustle as a nearby raccoon shuffles along the ground.

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A Change of Scenery


“Go on a road trip,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Well, I did. And it was. In a moment mixed with part insanity, part curiosity, and part courage, I agreed to go on a road trip with my husband last week.

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Thoughts for the Week


Do you have any idea how much God loves you? Do you? I mean, really? If truth be known, I bet we don’t always think about this too much. Sure, we know God sacrificed His own son to show us the depth of His love, however, the sheer magnitude of this love sometimes escapes us. For me, at least, it’s just plain difficult to imagine a love that powerful.

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New Resolve


What’ll it be? Your New Year’s resolution. Lose weight? Get organized? Spend less? Save more? Enjoy life? Stay healthy? Learn something exciting? Quit smoking? (Quit something?), Fall in love? Get closer to God? Be less stressed? Spend more time with family? This list goes on, and on–and on.

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