Irresolute Valor

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Whew! Just completed another writing contest. The results aren’t in yet, but all the stories have been published! This time around, we had to choose from a sampling of specific writing prompts. I chose this one: “A washed up medal of honor recipient walks into a bar…”. To find out what happens next, click on the link below and check out the story!

Irresolute Valor


Photo credit: Defence Images Arnhem Veteran Holding a Wartime Picture of Himself at Commemorations via photopin (license)



The Stranger Beside Me


The best thing that happened to him was the worst thing that happened to me, initially.

I was in my back yard, hose in hand. Same routine, same time, every morning. That probably added to my demise, along with the fact my house was at the end of an isolated road nestled among a nature preserve.

I sprayed the flower beds brimming with purple Petunias, slowly moving toward the intoxicating, sweet aroma of my Gardenia bush—thick and refreshing at the same time.  I finally finished with splashes of water on the surrounding foliage. Twisting the nozzle shut, my breath caught in my throat. A shiver coursed down my spine, sensing a presence. Starting to turn, I glimpsed a shadow.

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So . . . I was recently published in Short Fiction Break as part of the Spring Writing Contest! The theme was “In A Hole”–a character ends up in some sort of predicament and has to find a way out of it. This short, humorous story is about Miss Betty Bailey who, to her surprise, discovers that turnabout is fair play. Enjoy!




Hidden Blessing


Lauren, I’m right here.

Searching fingers stretched to the side of the bed underneath the down comforter, only to be met with rumpled sheets. Her eyes shot open as the wind blasted a spattering of snow against the window. Her body lay in a coat of cold sweat as she stared into the darkness, realizing once again, she was alone.

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Love, Awaited


It was time.

Austin Patterson had waited practically a lifetime for this. Tomorrow was the day. He could just feel it. If he failed to obey his impulses right now, he knew it would never be quite the same again. He also knew too well, the outcome was unpredictable. He didn’t know exactly how things would turn out.  The only thing he was completely sure of was, regardless of the outcome–everything was about to . . .  change.

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The Unexpected Gift


“Are you absolutely positive you won’t join us for dinner tomorrow?” I cocked my head with a slight pout, pleading with my eyes. “We would so love to enjoy your company and bless you with a nice meal.”

“No, no, no.  I assure you, I’ll be just fine.” She folded her hands, resting them in her lap. A delicate sigh escaped her lips. “You know how I feel about tomorrow’s date. Honestly? I prefer to be alone…to remember.” Continue reading

Pardon the Turkey


The tangy aroma of barbecue meatballs and French-onion, green bean casserole wafted through the air as dinner plates were filled, one by one, at the buffet line in the kitchen. We each collected our bounty of home-cooked creations and made our way to the long, extended table in the dining room.

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The Audition


I pushed my weight into the immense, wooden door opening to a large hallway inside the stately Catholic church. My balance teetered at the sheer volume of noise as I entered the sea of people in the room. Wincing, I struggled my way further inside.

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Worthy Pieces


“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” Eph. 2:10 (NLT)

I shifted uncomfortably on the wrought-iron bench and stared down at the ground. My folded hands tightened in a squeeze in an effort to suppress an avalanche of emotions. Gray, ominous clouds mimicked my soul as they slithered across the sky.

“Whatcha doin?” The bench jostled as the bubbly little girl plopped herself down beside me. I swallowed hard, keeping my gaze to the ground. Continue reading

A Grateful Pause


Let me set the scene. Memorial Day. Walmart. That’s it. Need I say more? I made a mad dash into the packed building first thing in the morning. I was surrounded by a bevy of shoppers picking up items for the day’s activities. Within minutes, I spotted carts loaded with beach towels, Styrofoam coolers, bags of charcoal briquettes, bug sprays, and sandcastle construction equipment. Continue reading